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Shell Scripting (II)

This course is the follow-on course to the Unix Systems: Shell Scripting (I) course - if you wish to attend this course, please ensure that you have attended the Shell Scripting (I) course (or are familiar with all the material in it) and that you satisfy all its prerequisites.

The course notes for the Shell Scripting (II) course are available in PDF format. Apart from the correction of two small typographical errors, these are identical in content to the printed notes that were given to course attendees. In due course, these notes will be revised, based on feedback received from the course attendees and others, and an updated version will be made available on this website (in multiple formats).

There are some exercises that you should try once you've attended this course. If you are planning on attending the Unix Systems: Shell Scripting (III) course, then you must attempt these exercises before attending or you may find it very difficult to follow that course.

The title of this document is: Shell Scripting (II)
URL: http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/courses/ShellScriptingII/index.html