Unix Support

Access to Unix systems from text terminals

Logging in from DOS

On the PWF PCs, and many others, just type "telnet hostname". When you finish your telnet session, don't forget to log out of the PWF.

Logging in from Windows

On the PWF PCs, and other PCs with "Lan Workplace" installed, double-click on the "Host Presenter" program.

Logging in from a Macintosh

On the PWF Macintoshes, you'll find telnet in the "Communications & Networking" folder. (See Reference card RC1: "NCSA Telnet for Macintosh".)

Logging in from a Unix system

On a Unix system, you can use telnet (type "telnet hostname") or rlogin (type "rlogin hostname"). If your .rhosts file is correctly setup, you can get from one machine to another without having to enter your password.

Secure Shell

With telnet, your password is transferred in the clear; with rlogin, your session is more vulnerable to IP spoofing. A solution to this is to install the Secure Shell, ssh.

ssh is available for Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, Amiga, and many versions of Unix, including Linux.

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