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Parallel Programming: Options and Design

This is a detailed overview of using parallelism for achieving more computation in the same amount of elapsed time, covering both "shared memory" and "distributed memory" designs. It will concentrate on principles rather than details, to help attendees make the right decision and proceed in the right direction. It is aimed at users with significant programming experience who need more computation power than can be delivered by a single thread of execution on a single CPU core.

The course is also designed for programmers and system administrators who have some experience of using or supporting parallel codes, by describing the range of practical options, and their strengths, weaknesses and other important issues.

The presentation for the course:

Slides for the first half of the course

Slides for the second half of the course

The title of this document is: Parallel Programming: Options and Design
URL: http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/courses/moved.Parallel/index.html