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Python: Interoperation with Fortran

Course description

This course is part of the Scientific Computing series, and as such the examples chosen are of most relevance to scientific programming.

This course is aimed at those who already know at least some Python and Fortran (either '77 or '9x) and who wish to make the two work together. Specifically the course targets people who want to write the main body of their program in Python but with numerical functions implemented in Fortran to greatly increase the performance of the overall program. People who already have a body of Fortran code (e.g. a numerical library) and want to access it from Python will also find this course relevant.

  • Comparing Python and Fortran
  • Calling a Fortran subroutine as a Python function
  • Fortran 77 as well as Fortran 95
  • Numerical Python module
  • Efficiency


The course notes for the “Python: Interoperation with Fortran” course are available in various formats.

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