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Numerical Programming in Python

This course describes the numerical programming facilities of Python. The first part shows how to use Python to perform numerical calculations, and assumes only that the audience is happy using Python in simple ways. The second describes Python's arithmetic model and numerical exception handling, which are important for getting reliable results. The third shows how Python can be used for real numerical work, and describes the Python numerical extension numpy.

Part I: The Basic Facilities

Part II: Arithmetic and Exception Handling

Part III: Using Python for Numerics

Auxiliary Material

These are materials used in the course, and are placed here for people who want to work through this course on their own.

The Python codes used to demonstrate features

Example code used for real work

Sample answers to the two exercises

The title of this document is: Numerical Programming in Python
URL: http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/courses/moved.NumericalPython/index.html