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Python: Introduction for Absolute Beginners

Course description

This course is part of the Scientific Computing series, and as such the examples chosen are of most relevance to scientific programming.

This course is aimed at those new to programming and provides an introduction to programming using Python. This course is probably unsuitable for those with programming experience, even if it is just in shell scripting or Matlab-likie programs. Such individuals should try the “Python: Introduction for Programmers” course instead. By the end of this course, attendees should be able to write simple Python programs and to understand more complex Python programs written by others.

The course spans four half day sessions.

The course notes (in various forms) are available here.

The files used during the course are available here.


The course notes for the “Python: Introduction for Absolute Beginners” course are available in various formats.

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The title of this document is: Python: Intoduction for Absolute Beginners
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